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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Build  Temples of Love

                One of the things that I wonder about is just how much people really understand the extremity of our situation at this point of time. I see many (most) clients suffering from high levels of anxiety. children are anxious, can’t fall asleep… people attribute this anxiety and fear to a plethora of causes-media, liberal propaganda, right wing propaganda, their spouses, the economy… everything but the real  cause.
                We are anxious because we stand at the precipice of crisis. The harbingers of disasters have arrived-climate change, unseasonably high temperatures, species dying off, floods, storms, and accompanying social break downs of families, social supports,.
                At the same time, I am seeing a great increase in depression. Almost everyone who walks into my office claims to be suffering from depression. Why? Is it possible that when we get burned out from being anxious, we go to the next stage of coping-the freeze response, which over time becomes depression?

                We are becoming depressed because there is much to be sad about.
                In the words of Miss Marple, sometimes the most obvious suspect is the culprit. Surprize!
        I have the sometimes dubious gift of being highly intuitive and catching glimpses of possible futures. I say dubious because, as an oracle, I ‘see’ the future- if we don’t change. It is a dance of death. It is so horrific that I begged to be released from the vision. Eventually I was, but not until I reached out for help from a spiritual teacher. I ‘saw’ what the world will become if we don’t choose change.  It isn’t just what could happen, but also how we will feel- angry, vindictive, violent, cruel and aggressive. In the face of worldwide disasters, in an instant, we will become uncaring. Compassion and empathy will be seen as weak and dangerous and abandoned the way rats abandon a sinking ship. We will bow down to selfishness, entitlement and hatred of the Other. These qualities are already on the increase and I see them developing in the young like a virus which no one can name but which we are all, at some level, aware of.

                Matter is gifted with the unfailing directive of achieving greater and greater consciousness and evolution. This is the first law of matter-all matter. And this law, as binding and unforgiving as the laws of gravity-will prevail. It isn’t as if , when you drop a precious tea cup, suddenly gravity will relent and not draw it down. No, it will fall as easily as an old pen or clothing stripped off at the end of the day. No matter if a relatively new species called homo sapiens, decide they don’t want to get on board. We will simply be wiped out. It has happened before, it could happen again.
                That is the dark heart of these times. In this season of fall, when we consider the horrors and revelations of death, we must also consider its opposite-re-birth. As we dig up our gardens, throw unwanted material on the compost heap, we also plant the winter bulbs for spring-narcissi, garlic and the tough winter greens to bring us through the dark months.
                By this I mean that we spend some time in this season of opposites and paradoxes-in the contemplation and action of building up all those relationships which carry the seeds of the future. The future you want to see, experience, the future you want those who will follow us to have. Traditionally, people stood and faced the west at this time of year, and had conversations in ritual form with their ancestors. All those who have gone before, all that we have been before we arrived here in the present moment- our long climb up from inanimate form, to plants, to animals and finally into humans. Our pinnacle, from which we prepare either to evolve into the greatness of who we can be, or develop into the fear which captures us with anger, greed and sloth. Old fashioned terms, but still alive and well in our beings.

Try This!

1.       For the next week, look for ways to build temples of love. Let’s start with ourselves. How do we love ourselves more? Forgive, understand, become more intimate with? Go out a soul catch love. E.g. Just now, I heard the neighbour chopping wood. This reminds me that sometimes I have to make a great effort to keep the fires of love alive within myself. I have to work at my fitness, my mediation, writing, being creative, taking time for family and friends. Those activities all take effort, time and resources. I have to be willing to give those resources to my own self development.

2.       For the next week, look for ways to build temples of love with others. Do soul catching to help you. Not shopping at stores who make up what I call, the evil empire-the box stores who build temples of needless consumption, treat their employees oppressively and plunder the earth for materials to support their harmful systems. You know who I mean, now withdraw your support. E.g. Just now I heard my husband talking to a woman who is giving him supervision with a new counselling theory. As I was writing this-he said “How much do I owe you for the hour?” This reminds me that building temples of love with others, costs money. And I have to be willing to spend that money on others, rather than just on my own selfish comforts. Sometimes I have to spend money on research and development, gifts to family and friends, supporting those businesses who conduct production in an honourable way, even if it costs more.

3.       Build temples of love for the world –the earth, the global view. This can be a ritual of intent for Gaia,  taking time to join with people who have similar spiritual views, funding environmental projects, taking time to live within your own  life in an environmentally responsible way. Soul catching can help guide you along the way. E.G. Just now, I noticed how quiet my house is. I think one way that I can live, using material responsibility is not to consume so much, just simplify, notice the free gifts of the world-sunshine, walking through my neighbourhood, b being quietly friendly and helpful, spending time in my garden with awareness. Stepping back, saying, I don’t need this-I can make do with what I have. Appreciating the quiet abundance of my life.

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