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Thursday, 31 March 2016

Power Places

Hi Everyone!
I haven't posted for ages because I'm busy getting my next book ready. Its called "Soul Catching- find your deepest self-outside."
Here is one posting from my book for spring.

If you check out the ads for spiritual magazines and websites, they tell of wondrous places all over the world where power lives.

                Here is the spoiler. Power places live close to you! Right in your own neighbourhood. No need to travel far and wide looking for places where the earth’s energy is concentrated. We live in the midst of the Great Net, a matrix of being which holds everything. Why travel? This week, let this season of new adventures, new beginnings, take you out into your world to find those magical places where power lives.

                Certainly, for those who are sensitive to energies, there are places that have a concentration of earth wisdom and beauty. Even chimpanzees can find power places and perform rituals of awe and gratitude (Goodall, CBC podcast, 2015). What are the characteristics of these places? In ancient times people traveled every year to honour places of power-indigenous cultures all over the world still do. Mountain tops, waterfalls, shore lines with water spirals, vistas of great distances-any place with a configuration of natural elements that is unusual and you can feel a surge of power when you are there. When you are need of special guidance, these places are excellent guides. Visit them, honour the outside Soul with ritual, quietness, gifts and in silence, listen to the world.

                Typically all three elements are present in power places, although if two are present, then you can add the third to make the presence of all three complete. Earth will certainly be present, water also is most powerful, especially moving water , or if stagnant-calmness and beauty. And air is always present, at least where there is earthly life. This is its ubiquitous quality that makes it sacred.

                I have found several power places close to where I live, each place holds a different kind of presence and I pick the one that I need at the time. My favorite is to walk along a river estuary. Rivers were sacred places in many cultures, people have lived close to rivers since the beginning of the human journey. Another power place is along a mountain ridge that reminds me of a sleeping dragon. It was also  a sacred place for the First Nations people who lived in this area before European contact. Another power spot for me is to walk along a steep creek up a hillside. This walk has seven small bridges which I cross with reverence. Bridges are holy symbols of transformation, overcoming difficulties, crossing over to the other side. A deserted beach at the bottom of my hill- and finally another mountain with wide views over the valley where I live. At the turning points of the yearly wheel-solstices, and equinoxes-I go to one of these places and honour my first matrix or Mother-Gaia.

                Try This!
1.       This week go in search of a power spot close to where you live. This may take you on a hero(ine)’s journey to find those places in your immediate world where Gaia lives most vividly. You will know where these places are, because when you review the places you have visited in the past, you will remember that these places left you with an uplifting feeling of presence and peace.

2.       Now devise a simple ritual to honour your local power spot. Rituals are metaphoric activities which focus the supra-conscious mind towards your intentional higher soul path. Perhaps honour this season with a ritual of new beginnings. Bring some seeds to scatter, some water to nourish, some sacred words or meaningful movements. These are times for creating our own rituals of significance. It need only have a beginning, middle and end. The rest is up to you. Will you go alone or will you go with friends or pets? What will you leave? What will you take away?

3.       Start your ritual with some form of clockwise opening movement-this can be walking in a circle, waving incense or a candle clockwise, spinning clockwise. This is the movement of the earth, and opens new events. Middle, state your purpose , intentions, needs, gratitude’s. Then time for silence, stepping into the moment as it is. This is most profound part of any ritual. Listgen, integrate, notice. Ending-finish with some form of anti-clockwise movement which seals in the experience and protects you as you go forward.

4.       Conflicts, dis-ease,  desires-all human struggles can be brought to power places and ritual can focus the outer Soul towards resolution. You have only to turn up, set your intention and then listen. Notice what the world gives you in the moment.

Joy in the journey!

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